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INVISIO in the magazine "Brannmannen"

Oslo Fire and Rescue Department talks about the introduction of INVISIO in the magazine "Brannmannen"

Oslo Fire and Rescue Department talks about their experience introducing a new headset solution for the department in the magazine "Brannmannen". We can read about the process from the project started, through concept study, evaluation period, and supplier selection, to introduction throughout the department. The background for the project was the registered demand for a communications solution that would both ensure secure communication in all conditions, and close HSE deviations concerning the need for protection of the firefighter's hearing. There was a desire for a flexible, robust system that enabled the connection of emergency network communication systems, and ensured that communication could be maintained even in environments with extreme noise. Smoke fans, chainsaws, and industrial alarms are noise sources that previously made it impossible to communicate over radio communication systems. This is now history. The flexibility of the system now makes it possible not only to communicate over radio communication systems, but with the same equipment communicate over mobile phones, with rescue dives, through intercom systems in helicopters, vehicles, and vessels, as well as receive audio signals from sensors or other sound sources.
Obsima Technology
For over 20 years, Obsima Technology has worked closely with and been a national distributor of INVISIO products. We offer robust and flexible solutions for use with a wide range of radios, intercom systems, and other audio sources, including emergency communication systems. INVISIO ensures that communication is maintained in all environments, even in extreme noise, while protecting the user's hearing.
INVISIO Communications

INVISIO Communications is a Danish world-leading manufacturer of high-tech headsets with hearing protection and ambient sound, with customers in the defense, security, emergency, and industry worldwide. Their patented Bone Conducting Microphone (BCM) and programmable cables (Intellicable®) provide superior flexibility in the most extreme environments.
Read the article in here: Faksimile Brannmannen nr 1/2020
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