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Service and Support

Service and Support

Obsima Technology AS has been providing service and support for our customers for more than 20 years.

We have built up a staff of experienced personnel who take care of our customers' products, plants, installations and systems. We have a workshop and storage facilities as well as suitable CRM tools for error reporting, configuration management and storage.

We have a strong focus on quality management and are ISO 9001: 2015 certified. Our portfolio consists of a number of services.

Integrated Logistics Support of Systems (ILS)

Maintenance is an essential part of all buildings and systems, both new and existing advanced or simple. One system / system operates cost-effectively when it is in optimal condition and can perform all dedicated tasks and functions with high availability. Operations and maintenance agreements from Obsima Technology AS are based on Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). ILS is a concept that consists of maintenance routines for preventive and corrective maintenance. Such a maintenance concept ensures maximum accessibility for the plants while reducing the total operating costs.

Management, Operation and Maintenance of building (MOM)

We offer a customized operation and maintenance concept for the building and construction industry. Periodic and ongoing maintenance is performed according to FDV documentation and needs. We support our customers in maintaining the quality of buildings and technical installations to a set level.


Service agreements are a good solution for uncovering and meeting operational and maintenance needs. Our service agreements include a fixed part that covers documentation, administration, configuration management and obsolescence management. Preventive and corrective maintenance is performed in consultation with us for optimal cost control on variable operating expenses.


We assist with suitable experienced personnel during the installation of new buildings, technical installations and systems. In addition, we also do renovations / upgrades of existing buildings, technical installations and systems.


We supply and support personnel on a variety of subjects for technical installations and systems. We supply project coordinator, BAS and installers for building and construction.


We have a strong focus on keeping the competence of our own personnel at a high level. We provide training packages to our customers for users, technical operating personnel and operators so that the operation of delivered systems / technical installations can be performed optimally.


Regular inspections of installations, technical installations and systems are important to ensure user safety as well as reduce future costly repairs and increase the life of systems / technical installations. We carry out inspections at regular intervals or according to the customer's needs.


We are a team with high technical expertise in a number of different disciplines. We support our customers with the company's experience and expertise so that good solutions are chosen for the projects. We also offer advice for buildings that need to be upgraded, replaced or have changed needs.

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Michael Kropf

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