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Exciting news from Silvus

New Products


We are excited to announce the introduction of the new SL4200 to the StreamCaster lineup. This is a more compact unit than the current SC4200 series and is designed for applications in which smaller size and lower operating bandwidths are required.   

Orders for the rugged and OEM versions will be accepted immediately, with the S-band version (SL4210-235-SB and SL4210-235-O) shipping in March 2021.

The C-band versions (SL4210-467-SB and SL4210-467-O) will be available for ordering later in Q2 2021.

Additional bands will be added based on market demand.

We will have a limited number of these in our demo pool, so please be sure to contact our sales team to schedule a demo if desired.

High-Powered SC 42/44 Series

Through the utilization of the latest in GaN power devices, Silvus will be introducing SC4200EP and SC4400E series radios capable of producing up to 5 watts per antenna (SC4200EP: 10 watts; SC4400E: 20 watts) in total output power. This will increase range, provide more robust links to support advanced data rates, and increase penetration in challenging urban and forest/jungle environments.

MN-MIMO Waveform Features and Options

Narrowband (1.25/2.5MHz) Operating Modes for SC Series Radios

We are now able to offer narrow operating bandwidths for the SC4200/SC4400 series radios as a licensed feature. This will support applications for which wider bandwidths are not available, not approved, or not desirable for optimal performance. This will also enable use in low-bandwidth networks that include SL4200 models operating at these bandwidths.

New radios can be equipped with this feature before shipping. Radios already delivered will require a return to factory for uploading and optimization.

Wideband (10/20MHz) Operating Modes for SL Series Radios

Additionally, we will be offering wide operating bandwidths for SL series radios as a licensed feature. This will support applications for which wider bandwidths are needed to increase the network throughput and interface at higher bandwidths with networks equipped with SC radios needing 10/20MHz bandwidths.

MAN-SM (Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Spectrum Monitoring)

This feature enables constant monitoring of eight (8) pre-selected channels across the entire network, in real-time. This is valuable in selecting the optimal operating frequency and avoiding being impacted by, or having a negative impact on, other wireless devices.

Effective April 1, 2021, this feature will be included on all SC4200EP and SC4400E radios.

About Silvus Technologies

In 2011, Silvus delivered the world's first tactical MIMO radio and has continued to develop the industry with its innovative MN-MIMO (Mobile Network, Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output) technology. With their long experience and unique technology, it is possible to tailor specific solutions for demanding and specific user needs.

Obsima Technology has been a Silvus distributor since 2019.


Obsima Technology AS granted five years extension on in-country support

We are excited to announce that Obsima Technology AS (Obsima) has been granted a 5-year extension as the in-country service provider for the JFATS Simulator in Norway, manufactured by our valued client, Fidelity Technologies Corp. (Fidelity).


New Distribution agreement - Continest

Continest Technologies is a Hungarian privately owned engineering and manufacturing company, working to deliver sustainable, flexible and innovative container-based solutions.


New distribution agreement - Fireblast

Fireblast has dedicated the last 25 years to realistically recreating a variety of scenarios with safety and quality as a priority in all our designs.


Extension of Support agreement for Target material

With great pleasure, we can announce the extension of the support agreement with Polytronic International AG (Switzerland) for the Target material in Regionfelt Østlandet for four additional years.


News from Silvus Technologies

New products, High-Powered SC42/44, and new bandwidth options.


Micropol Expanded Beam Connector

Read about Micropol`s patented expanded beam technology


INVISIO in the magazine "Brannmannen"

Oslo Fire and Rescue Department writes about the introduction of INVISIO in the magazine "Brannmannen"


New distribution agreement with Micropol

Obsima signs distribution agreement with Micropol Fiberoptic AB


New distribution agreement with Ultralife Corporation

Obsima signs distribution agreement with ULTRALIFE Corporation


New distribution agreement with Galleon EC

Obsima Technology signs distribution agreement with Galleon Embedded Computing