Tactical Training

Obsima Technology supplies equipment and systems for tactical training for emergency services and defence customers.

We supply equipment from a number of international and national manufacturers. In addition, we provide service and support.

Why choose Obsima Technology as a partner

  • Specialized in designing, delivering and operating shooting systems since 1998.
  • Works with security deliveries (company / employees). Safety clearances are a prerequisite in the employment agreement with all employees.
  • Close dialogue with operational customers focusing on the specialized units (continuous update regarding training needs / changed doctrines)
  • Established collaboration with the Defense Research Institute (FFI) (test and verification)
  • Focus on environment and handling of waste from shooting facilities
  • Collaborates with international companies in the same industry
  • Initiator of the Conference Shooting and Training Facility (first time in 2017) for Police and the Armed Forces

Contact us

Knut Bakken


Knut Bakken

+47 63 93 81 85