Tactical Electronics

Obsima Technology is a provider of advanced communication solutions for professional users.

Obsima Technology develops tailor-made communication solutions tailored to the needs of users. As a company we have more than 75 years of combined experience developing and using robust solutions for tactical radio communications.


INVISIO is a global market leader in advanced communication and hearing protection systems. The company develops and sells advanced systems that allow professional users to communicate effectively in noisy environments while protecting hearing.

For 20 years, Obsima Technology has represented INVISIO in Norway, and our customers range within Government and Defense, Police and other emergency services.

SILVUS Technologies

SILVUS is the technology leading manufacturer of Mobile-Networked MIMO (MN-MIMO) radio systems. SILVUS has delivered advanced radio systems to several of the world's Special Forces, as well as to Broadcast, Power Generation and other industries with requirements for high-capacity wireless communication.

ULTRALIFE Corporation

ULTRALIFE has a broad portfolio of RF amplifiers, power supplies, batteries and chargers for use in harsh environments. ULTRALIFE products are used worldwide in areas like Government and Defence, Safety and Security, Industry, Medical Technology and Energy Storage.


MICROPOL is a world leader in the manufacturing of passive communication fibre within the market areas of Government and Defence, Telecom, Broadcast, Industry and Medical Technology. MICROPOL offers flexible and customized solutions for all aspects of fibre communication.


CRFS creates rugged deployable systems to detect, identify and geolocate signals in complex RF environments. CRFS provide end-to-end automated solutions for spectrum management and deconfliction, interference hunting and threat detection, using intelligent receiver technology, software and advanced analytics. The RFeye systems are widely deployed by military, intelligence, law enforcement and regulatory agencies. CRFS has offices in the UK and USA, alongside wholly-owned production facilities in Cambridge, UK, Virginia and New York. 


ZIPPERMAST uses three rolled stainless steel bands, mounted at 120 degree intervals, with special teeth that lock like a zipper when the bands are unrolled. This makes the ZIPPERMAST the most compact, self-erecting mast on the market.

BATS Wireless

BATS is a manufacturer of smart antennas that stabilise, optimize and automatically track broadband communication connections that provide better range, extra mobility for ground-based communication systems and increased bandwidth for end users. BATS's technology extends, shifts or combines a variety of network resources, ranging from fiber, Ethernet, WiFi, LTE, WiMax, microwave or satellite; and can achieve gigabit speeds.

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