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Ulven military camp

Norwegian Defence Estate Agency has chosen Obsima Technology as the contractor for the new target arrangement for the 100/ 200m at Ulven camp.

Norwegian Defence Estate Agency (Forsvarsbygg) is an administrative body subject to the Ministry of Defense. Forsvarsbygg is one of Norway's largest real estate players, and a total supplier of real estate services to the Norwegian Defense. Further information on the Forsvarsbygg can be found at www.forsvarsbygg.no.

Shooting range 16 on the Ulven military camp is a 200m shooting range has been used by the Armed Forces and also at national shooting competitions. The course will now undergo modernization to facilitate effective and more environmentally friendly training for the Armed Forces. As part of this target area is renewed.

Obsima Technology will upgrade and renew today's target area. A combined bullet capture and target arrangement will be built for use for military weapons.

The delivery confirms Obsima Technology's position as a leading player in shooting range solutions for Defense and Police. The project will be handed over to the Forsvarsbygg in May 2020.

About Ulven military camp

Ulven military camp is the main training ground for Bergenhus Home Defense District 09, and is otherwise used by personnel from the Haakonsvern, the Naval War School, the Marine Special Forces and the Civil Defense.

Ulven military camp currently has a range of shooting ranges for weapons up to 7.62mm in size. However, in order to practice with heavier weapons such as mitral launchers, bombers and armor protection weapons, Mjølfjell firing and training fields must be used.