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Police National Emergency Response Centre

Police National Emergency Response Center, handover to Skanska

In February this year, Obsima signed an agreement on ricochet solutions for PNB training facility. Obsima has now delivered to Skanska. Work on the construction site from August to November. There have been up to 8 people working at the construction site for Obsima.

The ricochet solutions for the training facility consists of outdoor shooting ranges (200m, 100m and 50m) for shooting training as well as SIBO and shooting houses for operational training.

About the National Police Emergency Response Centre:

The National Police Emergency Centre will cover the need for better training facilities and facilities for:

  • Emergency squad
  • Bomb group
  • Crisis and hostage dealers
  • Police helicopter service

Other national emergency resources should be able to use the centre for training. The emergency response centre will also facilitate better professional development and training with, among other things, emergency personnel.

The goal of the centre is to effectively facilitate the prevention, avert, manage and normalize extraordinary events and crises and create security for the population. It will provide quick, efficient and secure efforts from the emergency resources.